Personal Interests

Here you’ll find a list of what I do in my free time.  There are a number of organizations that I volunteer with as well as other activities that I enjoy.



Other Interests:

  • Table-top gaming –  Pathfinder, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and similar
  • Final Fantasy 14 – I’m part of the Black Rats Mining Consortium.  I’m known as Khuja’el Abegan.
  • Reading – I enjoy Fantasy novels and some Sci-fi.  I’m currently re-reading the Sword of Truth setting, and will then re-read the Kingkiller Chronicles.
  • Board/card games – I like most any board game, and I grew up playing assorted types of rummy games.
  • Religious Studies – I enjoy reading books about religions and/or spiritual paths.  It’s interesting to me, which is why I got my BA in it.

Remember to always have fun!